"I" isn't possible without "we".

Individualism and self-reliance are wonderful qualities to have, especially as an entrepreneur.  But are they enough to complete the human experience?

Behind the facade of the lone wolf entrepreneur & self-made success is an epidemic of loneliness, depression, anxiety, divorce, and even suicide among entrepreneurs.

Our society doesn’t offer entrepreneurs strong models or tools to develop connection and cultivate emotional intelligence. 

We can endlessly improve our businesses and our minds, but we tend to neglect this deep human part of us.

Why our members love our community:

  • Life-long friendships

  • Accountability to goals and dreams

  • Learning to connect deeply with anyone in your life(romantic, familial, peer, professional)

  • Breaking down the belief that you’re the only one

  • Practice giving and receiving potent feedback

  • Airing dirty laundry without being judged for it

  • A refreshing focus on brotherhood over bottom lines

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