It’s not “cool” to admit you don’t always have your shit together. Yet it’s also the most freeing thing we can do. 

Our events let you drop the pretense. Let loose. Get real. And discover a side of yourself you’ve been craving all along — you just didn’t know it.

You'll leave these experiences feeling lighter, stronger, & with a resounding sense of freedom.


it's hard to imagine what it feels like to walk away from what's holding you back. 

...until you do it.

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Challenge yourself to truly leave everything in the woods that no longer serves you...

...once and for all.

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unscripted travel

Take a unique & life-changing approach to travel, get off the beaten path...

...with people who get you.

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It sets us free

Finding the courage to explore and discover new parts of yourself is like turning on the light in a dark room — you see things you couldn’t imagine before. So much more becomes possible. So many options present themselves. So many new ways to solve problems, create connections, and feel joy while doing it.

And suddenly, something remarkable happens.

You realize that you have so much more to give. To offer. To contribute. And that the real adventure has only just begun.

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